Courier van 80225 at MeldonbrPhotographer Jon KelseybrDate taken 12112011

Courier van 80225 at Meldon
Photographer: Jon Kelsey
Date taken: 12/11/2011

80225 was built in 1962 at Wolverton to Diagram 181, lot no. 30699. Originally it was Mk1 BSK (Brake Second Composite) no. 35327. Unfortunately we don't know anything about its operational history in passenger service. In 1986/7 it was rebuilt as NNX Courier vehicle 80225 for the Parcels Sector of British Rail, shortly to be rebranded Rail Express Systems. It is dual braked. There is a similar vehicle (80214) on the Ecclesbourne Railway.


Condition:Has run extensively on the railway but now out of service

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