70273 at Meldon on its operational debut
Photographer: Geoff Horner
Date taken: 01/08/2016

70273 is a Mk1 TSOL (Trailer Standard Open Lavatory) from Southern Region 4-CEP (class 411) electrical multiple unit 7124 (subsequently 1530) built at Eastleigh in 1958. Later it formed part of 4-CIG (class 421) unit 1392. It was built to diagram EH282, part of lot 30455. At some point it found its way to the Dean Forest Railway, before arriving on the railway in 2011. After substantial refurbishment it re-entered operational service on August 1st 2016.

Condition:in service, part of air braked heritage rake.


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The smart refurbished interior of 70273
Photographer: Geoff Horner
Date taken: 01/08/2016

Ex 4-CEP TSO 70273 at Meldon yard in an earlier guise.
Photographer: Jon Kelsey
Date taken: 12/11/2011