D1015 at Okehampton refuelling and rewatering.D1015 at OkehamptonThe Western Challenger railtour arriving at OkehamptonThe Western Challenger railtour arriving at Meldon to run roundThe Western Challenger railtour passing the Meldon humpThe railtour locomotive, D1015 Western Champion (whatever the plates say) running round its train in Meldon yard.The Western Challenger railtour arriving at CrewkerneGeoff Brookes watering one of the railtour coaches, and doubtless getting some welcome advice from his audience.Tom Baxter (in 1956 Romanian Air Force surplus hat) helping to refuel the locomotive.The DR team joining the railtour at Crediton: (l to r) Dennis Leworthy, guard, Keith Netherton, driver/pilotman, John Caesar and Gerald Hocking. The latter 2 were selling tickets for the run round trip to MeldonThe railtour arriving back at Okehampton after running round at MeldonBusy scene at Meldon. New DR traction Class 47 47828, and visiting railtour locomotive D1015 Western Champion.During the reversal at Meldon, the tour driver and DR pilotman got a lift from one end to the other in D4167. (About 270 metres).66109 leads the tour between Okehampton at Meldon66177 bringing up the rear at Meldon66109 at Meldon while the crew changes ends.66177 arriving back at OkehamptonPitstop at Okehampton37059's driver collects the single line staff from the Crediton signalman, before proceeding to Okehampton with the Devon Explorer railtour.37605 and 37509 bring the Devon Explorer stock back from Meldon past Lab 11 Crowds of Devon Explorer passengers at Okehampton station08937 propels a DR shuttle full of railtour passengers to Meldon37059 and 37605 at Okehampton with the Devon Explorer37059 and 37605 at Okehampton with the Devon Explorer37059 and 37605 at Okehampton with the Devon Explorer12 coaches of Devon Explorer dwarf the Meldon Viaduct platform37059 runs round the Devon Explorer at MeldonThis view of the Devon Explorer at Meldon Viaduct station graphically demonstrates the gradient up to the platform. This was the reason for running the locomotives round one at a time; one locomotive remained attached to the train at all times to provide extra braking effort.  37059 leads 37605 on the Pathfinder railtour past Bow stationGood crowds enjoying the Okehampton station hospitality whilst waiting for the Devon Explorer railtour to return from Meldon

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D1015 at Okehampton

D1015 at Okehampton taken on 2016-05-07 by Tom Baxter.