61743 at OkehamptonD4167, Lab11 and 61743 at OkehamptonLab11 at Okehampton, ready for service at Easter 2015D4167, Lab11 and 61743 at OkehamptonLab 11 interiorLab 11 interiorID lettering now in place on one side.Laboratory 11 lettering now in place on one sideThe saloon, now carpeted. Slippers only please.First start of the Lab 11 generator. Lab 11 in the Meldon workshop alongside Class 411 CEP 1589 DMSO no 61743, which is having a refresh.The generator installed in Lab 11David Trant installing the generator in Lab 11Another view of the completed wall and roof panelling.Latest view of the interior of Lab 11 with the wall and roof panelling in place. The furniture is temporary.Lights on for the first timeOne side has been prepared and primered following the graffiti attack, and is ready for its top coats of rail blue.This side now has a new coat of rail blue following the graffiti attack.Lab 11 in its new paintMike Ireland at work on the interior of Lab 11First coat of blue.Showing the start that has been made on replacing the coach ceiling with the insulation pads in place and the first two side panels positioned.The corroded sectionDavid Trant cutting out part of the old frame.Ready for the new section.Welding in the new.The new section in place.

Gallery Lab11

Lab 11 interior

Lab 11 interior taken on 2015-04-02 by Geoff Horner.